Sharepoint based quality management software

Neomatics helps companies follow up their quality management systems with ExpressPack Quality: a top-notch solution that consists of eight products for several quality management processes.

Quality management solutions for different industries

Around the world, QMS requirements are rapidly increasing and the number of audits is steadily growing. At the same time, commercial demands and production lead times are also intensifying. In these challenging circumstances, Neomatics helps companies in various industries take the shortest road to full compliancy.

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Our products make a difference

Neomatics offers top-notch software solutions for various quality management and business processes. What they have in common? They’ll all enable you to save time, cut costs and focus on what really matters in your business.

  • Easy to integrate. ExpressPack Quality is SharePoint-based.
  • User friendly. Get all involved users going in no time.
  • Backed by services. Extra services complete this 360° solution.
  • Save time. Thanks to smooth integration and efficient processes.
  • Reduce risks. Eliminate factors that may compromise compliancy.
  • Focus on quality management. Invest in what truly matters.

Express Pack Quality

Want to know what Express Pack Quality, the Sharepoint based quality management software solution from our partner Neomatics, has to offer your company? It only takes 2 minutes to find out!

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