Increasing standards for hospital accreditation

Over the past decades, hospital accreditation has become compulsory in an increasing amount of countries. Hospitals that want to become accredited, need to comply with a growing set of standards. However, recent studies show that at least one out of three patients in hospitals worldwide deal with safety incidents so the efforts are far from over.

Accreditation standards are also getting more and more intertwined with clinical specialisms. This results in an ever-increasing amount of separate procedures and administration, putting additional non-productive pressure on medical staff.

Moreover, accreditation leads to many different quality management systems within the hospital, all with their own specific standards. Most of them don’t interact, causing severe challenges on the level of software integration.

Quality management solution for all hospital departments

Neomatics offers a centralized quality management platform that works across all of the hospital’s departments, meeting the needs of each of their specializations: clinical laboratories, pharmacy, pathology, radiology, medical imaging, nuclear medicine, radiotherapy, blood banks, tissue banks, IVF, and more.

Our quality management solution helps organizations to make sure that they are fully in line with all medical standards like PIC/S, ISO 15189, Quadril, be-quantum, CCKL, JCI, NIAZ and Qmentum, including specific FDA and EMA regulations.

See how ExpressPack Quality has improved quality managment at the Imelda Hospital, Bonheiden.

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