We believe strongly in efficiency by design at Neomatics. Quality Management Systems (QMS) should be as intuitive and user-friendly as possible, while aligning with a company’s specific processes and needs. Naturally this also applies to quality management software. Functional, suitable software guarantees more efficient processes, saving companies a lot of time and money. That’s why Neomatics constantly optimises its quality management software, ExpressPack Quality. The latest version of this QMS solution has a matrix structure, tailored to the different roles of individuals in an organisation, offering companies a range of benefits.

Tailor-made dashboards

The matrix structure of our ExpressPack Quality solution is reflected in its intuitive user-interface, with configurable roles and rights for various employees in an organisation. Thanks to pre-defined dashboards, users only see the information they need, associated with their specific roles or rights. At the same time management can define training requirements per organisation role, and can schedule and register personal training activities using the ExpressPack Training module.

Always the right document available

Just like earlier versions, the newest ExpressPack Quality is a SharePoint-based solution – it’s fully integrated with Microsoft SharePoint and Office frameworks. This means quick and easy integration without extensive training for users – they’re generally already familiar with SharePoint. The matrix structure of ExpressPack Quality offers another time-saving aspect. With the pre-defined dashboards, users immediately find the documents they need. That means searching large volumes of documents to find the right information is now history.

Collaboration for validation

Quality Management Software like ExpressPack Quality helps companies to comply with a wide range of standards, from basic QMS to ISO and GMP. The ExpressPack Validation module shows whether methods, processes or systems meet all the right requirements. But how do you guarantee that everyone is aware of all the requirements and needs, and how do you know everyone did indeed sign off on them? The new version of ExpressPack Quality lets users define, collaborate and sign off on user requirements and functional and configuration specifications. Authorised users change and share documents easily, ensuring everyone is working in the most up-to-date version.

Prepared for any audit

The ExpressPack Audit module helps companies to check all aspects of the auditing process. Whether you create, store or share audit reports or schedule audits – make sure everyone is up-to-date on internal and external audits. The matrix structure of ExpressPack Quality lets you create automatic e-mail announcements of planned audits, collaborate with auditees on action points, and publish and search for audit reports; all based on configurable roles and rights of different users.
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