Digital signatures

In our digitally driven world, the traditional signing of paper documents is increasingly making way for electronic ‘fingerprints’. In more and more countries, digital signatures even have the same legal significance as signed print documents. Neomatics offers a complete compliant digital signature package that helps organizations automate their signature-dependent processes.

Choose our digital signature solution and discover its countless benefits. For starters, your company will benefit from growing staff efficiency and you’ll save on all kinds of paper-related costs. Moreover, it’s 100% secure, compliant with industry and government regulations, and easy to integrate within most conventional systems.

Key features

  • FDA cfr21 Part 11 compliant
  • EMA Annex 11 compliant
  • Fully validated EU Directive solution (July 23th 2014) and the precending 1999/93/EG
  • No content is sent over the internet
  • Certificates are kept with the document
  • Integrates with Microsoft Office, PDF, SharePoint, OpenText, Oracle, SAP, …
  • Integrates into workflows
  • Batch signing
  • Two factor authentication for inside users and outside customers