Excellent document management is key to keeping all your ISO & GMP documentation up-to-date and under control. However, how can you make 100% sure document versions don’t get mixed up? How can you verify whether everyone is aware of the latest changes? And aren’t you losing too much time on paper documents and manual work?

Discover ExpressPack Document Control

ExpressPack Document Control is your solution for collaborating, tracing and publishing compliant documentation. It’s the ideal application to make sure that everyone involved has read and approved the latest document versions. Think only of Standard Operations Procedures that evolve continuously.

Old versions are systematically archived for future reference, and printouts can easily be made. You can check who has opened a document – and when. Training needs of those involved can even be defined more rapidly.


Why choose ExpressPack Document Control

  • Easy to integrate. ExpressPack Document Control is SharePoint-based.
  • User friendly. Get all involved users going in no time.
  • Backed by services. Extra services complete this 360° solution.
  • ExpressPack compatible. Interacts with other ExpressPack products.
  • Save time. Thanks to smooth integration and efficient processes.
  • Reduce risks. Eliminate factors that may compromise compliancy.
  • Focus on quality management. Invest in what truly matters.

Key features

  • Creation and maintenance of document content and generation of .pdf versions
  • Content creation by either uploading of documents with common file types or based on templates, forms and protocols
  • Storage, review and approval of documentation compliant FDA en EMA
  • Publish and search for documentation
  • Configure document (sub)types and corresponding review and approval workflows
  • Configurable roles and rights
  • User interface depending on roles and rights
  • Advanced version Management
  • Schedule and register trainings
  • Schedule and trigger periodic review of documents
  • Possibility to print authentic copies
  • Management Reporting