Your company’s equipment is regularly maintained and calibrated to comply with your regulations and standards. But how can you make sure that this is done in the most consistent and correct way?

Discover ExpressPack Quality Equipment

ExpressPack Equipment helps you with the monitoring and follow-up of all your lab equipment, machines, tools and technologies.

ExpressPack Quality Equipment covers all aspects of equipment management: from measuring to maintenance, from installation to calibration. Share and manage maintenance plans. Determine what needs to be measured – and when. Define who can handle which tools. And much more. In the end, it all boils down to every piece of equipment performing at its best.


Why choose ExpressPack Equipment

  • Easy to integrate. ExpressPack Equipment is SharePoint-based.
  • User friendly. Get all involved users going in no time.
  • Backed by services. Extra services complete this 360° solution.
  • ExpressPack compatible. Interacts with other ExpressPack products.
  • Save time. Thanks to smooth integration and efficient processes.
  • Reduce risks. Eliminate factors that may compromise compliancy.
  • Focus on quality management. Invest in what truly matters.