Your company’s performance is often closely interlinked with the performance of your suppliers: CMO’s, CRO’s, service partners. By managing them effectively, you’ll be able to spot crucial issues early on – and take the right corrective or preventive actions.

Discover ExpressPack Supplier

Use ExpressPack Supplier to ensure that each one of your suppliers meets your standards. Collect all types of remarks and complaints. Learn what works – and which aspects could be better.

ExpressPack Supplier lets you map every relevant detail. You can measure speed of delivery and service levels, or create scorecards for each supplier. You can monitor KPIs and use all information to audit your suppliers. As a result, you’ll know exactly which actions to take.

Why choose ExpressPack Supplier

√  Easy to integrate. ExpressPack Supplier is SharePoint-based.
√  User friendly. Get all involved users going in no time.
√  Backed by services. Extra services complete this 360° solution.
√  ExpressPack compatible. Interacts with other ExpressPack products.
√  Save time. Thanks to smooth integration and efficient processes.
√  Reduce risks. Eliminate factors that may compromise compliancy.
√  Focus on quality management. Invest in what truly matters.

Key features

  • Track issues and reaction times
  • Manage supplier contracts
  • Generate yearly review notices
  • Collaborate with your suppliers on issues
  • Include suppliers in your resolution workflows