Having the right competences on board is essential for good quality management. But how can you make sure everyone is up to speed? How can you check whether trainings have been attended, and test whether the necessary knowledge has been retained?

Discover ExpressPack Training

ExpressPack Training helps you make sure that everyone involved has been adequately and consistently trained. We’ll enable you to define every training need in the process, and subsequently schedule trainings.

After each training, you can check who has attended and create personal track records. You can even test the trainees afterwards. As a result, all roles in the process are fully up to speed.


Why choose ExpressPack Training

  • Easy to integrate. ExpressPack Training is SharePoint-based.
  • User friendly. Get all involved users going in no time.
  • Backed by services. Extra services complete this 360° solution.
  • ExpressPack compatible. Interacts with other ExpressPack products.
  • Save time. Thanks to smooth integration and efficient processes.
  • Reduce risks. Eliminate factors that may compromise compliancy.
  • Focus on quality management. Invest in what truly matters.

Curious? Learn how ExpressPack Training will make a difference for your quality management processes.

Key features

  • Define training requirements per organization role
  • Schedule and register training activities (incl. upload of certificates)
  • Configurable overviews on training
  • Personal training files
  • Creation and management of exams
  • Advanced search functionality
  • Management Reporting